Tomren Hawich

"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."


Justicar-Vigilant Tomren Hawich is a free-spirited member of the Wizarding Towers of Ten. Although Justicar-Vigilant Hawich does not tend to take life too seriously and seems always eager to adventure or a good story, he does take an exceptional amount of pride in his work. The pursuit of justice brought to spellcasters who would use the arts to harm the lives of others is his number one cause in life. In this way, Tomren is a contradiction—a cut-loose, sometimes nihilistic young man with a morbid sense of humor and a quick way with the ladies who is also duty-and-driven bound by a calling and purpose greater than himself.

Currently, Tomren Hawich has joined the Hunter’s Take guild as a means of supplementary income while he waits for further work from his organization. He has just received his first contract in months, but is also embroiled in a growing plot to organize a small army to destroy the slaver camp in the Valley of Chains.

Tomren has initiated casual relations with the guard lieutenant Eza Nyafor, and encountered Child Temperance of the Valorous Family, who took the couatl brain he had given over to Professor Geldimbrag for research.

After losing Eza in the Razorspire Mines, Tomren held a ceremony to honor her memory and gave a speech on the importance of life. His companions noted that evening that he looked sunken and pallid, like he was withering or diseased, but the affliction was strangely removed by the following morning.

Tomren has successfully convinced the group to put off the contract to hunt the troll in lieu of dealing with the figure who calls himself the “Father of Worms” in Harubel. While preparing for this adventure, it fell to the group to determine the fate of Jon Treehill, the current Lord of Chains. Tomren did not see the point in slaying the man and wished to have him incarcerated by the Towers of Ten for being a warlock, or ‘heretic.’ Instead, the majority vote was to have the man executed, and Tomren left the garrison in protest of this decision.

After getting Ubah to Tracer Star Eyes to be Traced, Tomren went on to win a fair amount of gold at Crocomania XXXVII.

Tomren had a verbal confrontation with the Archdruid Throg that seemed to nearly end in a physical confrontation. Tomren had the sense to drop it, however, but still harbors animosity toward the Archdruid.

After capturing the Father of Worms, Tomren was promoted to Justicar-Strider, giving him the ability to leave Molentius and continue in his capacities as a justicar.

On the journey to Port Siraston, Tomren has been able to display both sides of his personality; while in Zelgaruk, he used his authority as a justicar to help save his friends, and has gone to great lengths to lecture and teach Arnold the dangers of magic. On the opposite side, Tomren has been an avid sight-seer, insistent on trying everything, using his usual catch phrase of “life is short,” or “you only live once.” He even bought a novelty stuffed rat in Port Siraston, a move the rest of the group found rather odd. He named his new acquisition Roscoe.

Bratana was difficult for Tomren as the friendships he had forged were put to the test by his responsibilities as a justicar. When the Towers called for him to bring in a non-hostile entity, he found himself squaring off against the entirety of his group. Unable to convince them, he revealed a dark secret about himself to gain their trust: that he himself was blackborn, an afflicted, and not truly a wizard but a sorcerer, and that his affliction would lead him to an early grave. Although the group sympathized with his plight, it did not shake their resolve in guarding the girl from his grasps.

By the conclusion of Bratana, Tomren has become a disaffected individual. Although he still has the hunger and drive to see and explore every new thing he can, he grows wary of the conflict of interests between the Wizarding Towers of Ten, which he firmly supports, and the Empire of Realm, which he does not. He understands that this conflict is going to come to a head at some point but does not know what will happen when it does. In the meantime, Tomren is content to enjoy what life throws at him as it does.


Tomren Hawich

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