Ubah Memburu

"It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through."


Raised in a small village on the outskirts of the hylo capital of Timur-Tengah, Ubah Memburu is a no-nonsense hylo who is on a personal journey of physical and mental perfection. Having felt the pangs of a merciless and unfair caste system in his native lands, in addition to the ever-present threat of being shanghaied into slavery by the callous pirate lords, Ubah sought a means to change the status quo, but accepted himself to weak in his current position as a simpa farmer, the lowest of his peoples’ cast. Ubah instead chose to flee the Isles to find worthier challenges and greater masters in the world at large, that he may one day return to the Olvani Isles and bring with him justice for his people.

Ubah tends to be a no-nonsense individual. He does not concern himself with trivialities or diversions from his goals. He will make the occasional indulgence, but does so with reticence and only at the great insistence of his more gregarious companions such as Arnold or Tomren. Although Ubah began his journeys as a simple fighter, he has since branched out into the arts of being a ranger, thanks to the aid of Eidarel, the chief-ranger of the Viridian Wardens, as well as supplementary guidance from Manora Telgoran of the Hunter’s Take guild.

Ubah spearheaded the movement to strike back at the Brotherhood of Chains slaver’s company. He researched methods for how to infiltrate their nigh-impenetrable base, but seems determined to find an answer and exact justice.

Ubah was able to determine a long-forgotten dwarven mine exists under the Tongo Mountains called the Razorspire Mines. The mines seem to have fallen to some great darkness known as “the dead one” or “the Abortion.” After discussion with his allies, the group has tentatively agreed that traveling the mines is worth the risk.

The small army successfully navigated the mines with minimal casualties and were able to break the slavers once and for all as well as liberate their terror wings for the use of the guards of Dunezar. Ubah used some of the money liberated from the slavers to purchase a proper home for Magda, a commoner whom Ubah had been living with and helping, that she may moved out of the squalor of the Rozland District and into Hightown.

Ubah now travels north with the rest of the group, partly to help investigate the “Father of Worms,” and partly to meet with a Tracer said to be living in Harubel that will help him discover if he has the potential for magical ability within him.

Ubah was visited by an entity on the way to Harubel who called itself Ruzazel. This creature appeared to be Jon Treehill’s demonic patron, and offered Ubah a pact himself. Ubah refused, and Ruzazel made it clear that Ubah had instead made an enemy.

While being Traced in Harubel, Ubah learned that he had a Spark level of 8, which meant he had the potential within him to become an extremely powerful wizard. Further testing showed he had a proclivity toward the Orange Weave. Tracer Star Eyes insisted Ubah most go to the tower in Sarenul at once, but Ubah declined, saying he didn’t have the years to spend studying.

While exploring the Jade Ziggurat, Ubah found himself connected mystically with an artifact sword that called itself “Jadeflame.” The discovery of this immensely powerful item has spurred the group to travel to Bratana to learn more about its history and its purpose. This has put Ubah directly in the center of the group’s newest adventure.

Ruzazel finally made his attack aboard the ship “The Jade Serpent,” which was bound for Bratana. Ruzazel’s minions seemed more intent on stealing Jadeflame than they were claiming Ubah’s life, however.


Ubah Memburu

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