Zafar za-Farahani

"Valor lies just halfway between rashness and cowardice."


Very little is known about Zafar Blackgrace, the guard captain of the Molentian city of Dunezar. Even to those he considers friends or his employer, Floriano Stricklen, Zafar keeps his history to himself. What is known about Zafar is that he originally hails from the nation of Bratana, and has let it slip on a few occasions that he is from the capital of Karna.

Zafar is severe, rigid, and strict. He tends to be a dour, humorless individual with little patience for lawbreakers or disturbances in “his” city. He is a paladin of Tes-batat, the elven falcon-god of valor, although it appears as if his connection to his deity has waned over the years. Zafar wields an exquisite two-handed khopesh that he calls Falconsong and treats as if it were his child.

The PC’s initially had a strained relationship with Zafar, as their escape from the Valley of Chains led the Brotherhood of Chains straight into an assault on Dunezar—a course of action that Zafar found to be careless and brash.

As plans and training have continued in preparation for the assault on the Brotherhood of Chains, Zafar has softened slightly on his stance toward the group—but only just slightly.

After a successful mission that devastated the Valley of Chains, Zafar seems a completely different man, even going so far as to show true emotion at the revelation that the slavers had been defeated. He has showered the group with praise, respect, and gifts since, and has proven to be one of their strongest and most dependable allies.

Favorite animal: falcon
Favorite color: black
Favorite book: “Sanctuary of the Courage-God," a work of fiction about a paladin of courage
Favorite song: “Sunrise of a Man,” an inspirational hymn of Tes-batat
Favorite country: Marsovon
Favorite food: Veggie and shredded beef stir fry

Zafar za-Farahani

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